Office 2016 – Remote Desktop Shared Licensing

Deploying Office 2016 with Shared or Open-Volume Licensing Doing this the first time was an absolutely confusing mess back when Office 2013 came out. It’s still just as confusing, except now there is more documentation — like this blog aims to help you. The process is actually identical for 2013 and 2016, you need to […]

Windows Server Backup

Occasionally a client does not want to pay for backup software, like StorageCraft, AppAssure, Veeam, whatever gets their 50 employees back up quickly is not worth $1k to management. In that case, the cheapest possible solution we use is built-in Windows Server Backup. God-forbid, you have to use something like Symantec Backup Exec, which is […]

Quickbooks Error H505 – Multi-User Hosting

Quickbooks Error H505 Oh no! My user is trying to open a Quickbooks workbook stored on a shared drive and gets this awful message: Quickbooks Error code H505, “this company file is on another computer, and QuickBooks needs some help connecting.” This is the generic client error for “cannot connect to host”. Directly tied in to the QuickboksDBXX […]

PHP Server Monitoring Board – Ubuntu 14.04 – AppAssure Installation Missing Dependencies

PHP Monitoring Board w/ AppAssure Backups We have a pretty slick monitoring board running 24/7 as part of a NOC in our office, the elegant and simple PHP Server Monitor. It’s rock solid, monitors about 250 servers and 100 internet connections, within 1 minute we know if something is down. Really useful because anything down goes into […]

RDP Listening Port – Sonicwall NAT Translation or Registry Change

Customize RDP Listening Port Quite a few customers want to RDP to their local workstation from home. Opening RDP to the public internet can be a massive security risk, but in practice, it’s very useful and “secure enough” as long as you stay of TCP 3389 which botnets tend to brute force once they find it […]

Microsoft Exchange – Name on the Security Certificate is Invalid or Does Not Match

Exchange – Name on the Security Certificate is Invalid or Does Not Match Your users are frustrated that every 5 minutes, or upon opening Outlook, an obnoxious pop-up appears warning them that the Exchange server’s SSL does not match the FQDN. Danget…. This sounds like a poorly setup Exchange autodiscover URL! It can be incredible helpful […]

Migrating from ESXi to HyperV w/ MVMC

Migrating an ESXi Host to HyperV w/ Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter I’ve been doing these a lot lately. Converting clients from ESXi free to HyperV on Server 2012 R2. This post is a bit unfair, as ESXi free is well, free, and Server 2012 R2 is $800. You could easily spend many, many thousands for ESX […]

Kicking Off the Site

Kicking Off the Site If you’ve reached this website, you’re likely looking for a fix to a weird problem. I’ve been a IT systems adminstrator for over six years, and want to offer simple and practical fixes to the problems I experience day-to-day. Google-fu has saved me many times before, hopefully my posts can help you out. […]