OwnCloud Server 9.0 – Ubuntu 12.04 Installation

OwnCloud Server 9.0 on Ubuntu 12.04 with PHP 5.6 A quick setup guide to setting up a private OwnCloud Server on Ubuntu Server. From building a fresh machine, to setting static IP, installing dependencies, and taking everything online.   Ubuntu 12.04 and PHP 5.6 Current Ubuntu is 14.04, but our AppAssure software threw a fit trying to […]

HyperV Migration – 0x80090303 – Failed to Authenticate

HyperV Live Migration SPNs – 442 Failed to Authenticate (0x80090303) Good golly, I just want to move, export, or replicate a VM from one HyperV Server to another. Why is it so frustrating? Commonly received is the rror 0x80090303, meaning that a HyperV host is not allowed to make a live migration connection to another HyperV […]

SystemRescueCD Dual Boot with Windows

SystemRescueCD Dual Boot SystemRescueCD is an incredibly usefulful tool for data recovery. I run a Windows laptop and continually use Easy2Boot for my ISO booting USB stick. It works well with most ISOs, including SystemRescueCD. However my laptop only has two USB plugs. USB Port Limits USB 1 – Mounted external HDD USB 2 – USB Boot Stick […]