Office 365 Powershell – Configure Permissions

Microsoft’s Office 365 is basically Exchange 2016 through a web-page. A lot of the buttons you used to have are now hidden, and can only be access through Powershell. This post contains raw Powershell code to connect in to your Office 365 instance, and change user permissions over individual parts of mailboxes — either the […]

Mikrotik Security Script

Mikrotik Security Script – Protecting a Mikrotik Internet Facing Router There are a lot of Mikrotik security scripts out there, showing off bells and whistles of how to block extremely specific attacks.┬áMany of these are additional layers of security, the more layers, the safer you can be, at the expense of CPU power. I needed […]

Mikrotik Queues, Bandwidth Throttling, and Bursting

Bandwidth Throttling, a system you would think would be easier to pull off. Hoping you find this article helpful. I’m installing a CCR-1036-12G-4S for a minor league baseball stadium, and am expecting about 600-800 devices to be connected during a game. The stadium has a symmetrical (up/down) gigabit fiber line, and I have to ration […]