GNU ddrescue – Saving a Failing, Corrupt RAID Array

Overview If you’re reading this, you’re probably having an awful day — trying to save as much data as you can from a failing hard drive or RAID array. Hoping this is able to help. dd: The original, direct cloning utility. Simple, oldschool, and limited. dd-rescue/dd_rescue: Written by Kurt Garloff, active, viable.. ddrescue: GNU ddrescue, […]

Mikrotik + Pihole = Block All Ads

If you are using a Pihole, whether actually on a Raspberry Pi, or as a VM in say, DietPi, you like that it does not resolve ad-servers within your LAN. However, many apps and devices do not use the offered DNS servers per DHCP, they are just that — an offer. Hardcoded DNS servers will […]

Physical to Virtual Conversion – BSOD – 0x0000007B

So you’re trying to convert a physical computer into a virtual machine. This physical computer probably has a RAID card, like a Dell PowerEdge Server or a Precision Workstation. You may have used Disk2VHD or another conversion tool, everything goes great — you may have even confirmed it’s not the bootloader — a boot menu […]

Remotely Erase a Stolen PC

Laptop stolen? Got a way to remotely run code on it, like remote access, Kaseya, LabTech, NAble, or another RMM? You already Bitlocker encrypted it right? Right??? — If not, then look no further for code to erase user data, and make a computer non-bootable. Feel free to modify into a batch file and run […]

Dell Precision Win10 In-Place Upgrade – “Installation Failed”

“Installation Failed”, what an unhelpful error message direct from Microsoft. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been fighting with upgrading a Dell Precision Win7/8 OS to Win10, like a T3600, and it randomly stops around 79%, or reverts on initial reboot. The T3600 I was attempting to upgrade to Win10 was running Intel C600 Series […]

NextCloud SSL – Custom Signed Cert for SNAP

Want to use a custom, publicly-signed SSL for your NextCloud Server? You’ve just built a new Ubuntu Server, and selected the “NextCloud” server option in the packages to include. The ISO will auto-download and configure NextCloud-SNAP, a sort of pre-built version with a lot of assumptions made for what you want. Overall, it’s a great […]

PHP Server Monitor – Windows Setup Guide

Want to use PHP Server Monitor to track the uptime status of your devices? Not ready to build a CentOS or Ubuntu Server instance, but would rather have a Windows-install? There are¬†three primary methods to configuring an AMP stack. LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) WAMP (Windows Desktop or Server, Apache, MySQL, PHP) IIS/PHP (Windows Server […]

Mikrotik – RADIUS Wireless Authentication Guide

This is a step-by-step guide for configuring RADIUS authentication for Mikrotik Wireless, for Server 2008 R2-2016.   RADIUS allows you to use domain credentials for accessing a wireless network, rather than a static WPA2 PreShared Key that rarely changes. Important for keeping terminated employees out, by just¬†disabling their Active Directory account, rather than having to […]

Mikrotik – SSTP VPN Server Setup Guide

Overview I’ve played with L2TP/IPSec, IKEv2, PPTP, and SSTP VPN Servers. SSTP is now my go-to for business clients, and here is a step-by-step guide to help you set one up on a Mikrotik Router :-). Benefits over L2TP/IPSec Multiple clients can connect from the same Public IP. Important if you have multiple employees that […]

Mikrotik – Setup a Full Router Within 5 Minutes

We setup a LOT of Mikrotik routers, doing everything by the GUI is tedious. Below is a “cheat-sheet”, feel free to customize it to rapidly deploy your own Mikrotik routers. Apply to a freshly reset and updated router for best effect. This script assumes you have a static WAN IP, hence the static route. […]