PHP Server Monitoring Board – Ubuntu 14.04 – AppAssure Installation Missing Dependencies

PHP Monitoring Board w/ AppAssure Backups

We have a pretty slick monitoring board running 24/7 as part of a NOC in our office, the elegant and simple PHP Server Monitor. It’s rock solid, monitors about 250 servers and 100 internet connections, within 1 minute we know if something is down. Really useful because anything down goes into the upper left corner of the screen, when you’ve got 350 devices they would be teeny-tiny unreadable boxes on the TV. It has a update-timer (offline for 38 minutes), and a ping monitor (0.05s) since the last check. Since I set the crontab script to query all devices once per minute, we get minutely updates. A laptop set in Chrome kiosk mode also refreshes the page every 10 seconds for display on the TV

NOC on in-office TV


Nothing like making a phone call to a client before they even know they are down.

I realized that this VM isn’t backed up, yikes! Off to install the latest AppAssure agent (as of 5.X Linux 14.X is supported), only to find an awful error: “Missing dependencies “linux-libc-dev”. Well ‘lo and behold I had to run something as simple as “apt-get update”, then: the commands worked:

::Make AppAssure agent executable, install
cd /
cd /home/username
wget ""
chmod +x
y (port 8006 + reboot when done)


::Per Minute Syncing on PHP Server Monitor
username@PHPMONITOR:~$ sudo -i
[sudo] password for username:
root@PHPMONITOR:~# crontab -e

::Code for minutely updates
*/1 * * * * /usr/bin/php /var/www/html/cron/status.cron.php



Protect the machine under AppAssure using your hostname/IP, port (8006 by default), username, and password, set a schedule, enjoy super-awesome backups.

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