Mikrotik Point to Point Wireless Bridge

Note that this guide can work for any Mikrotik board with an antenna, just not the SXT product line. You can use these same instructions for the WAP line, LHG line, Groove line, even the BaseBox, as long as the antenna frequencies can match (e.g. 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz),  you can follow these instructions.


The Mikrotik SXT 5GHz units offer a cheap, reliable, and fast point-to-point link connection. You’ll need two SXTs — one at each end of the link. It’s best to think of these units as a “wireless wire”, that is, it connects to physically separated networks, as though there were a wire between them. I highly recommend using Gigabit-capable 5GHz units, like the SXT AC.

Whether it’s 50 feet or 5,000 feet, the concept is the same, and performance can be very high, maybe adding 1-2ms of latency.


Connecting In

You’ll use the program Winbox.exe to configure the units. By default, Mikrotik units are set with as their static IP.

It’s generally a good idea to set a static IP on your NIC to 192.168.88.X/24, for example: / Don’t disconnect yourself though… make it an additional IP on your NIC.

Update & Upgrade

We need to get the SXT internet access, so it can pull Package/Software Updates, then a firmware upgrade.

Connect the SXT to the PoE injector, connect the data plug to your switch, open Winbox on a PC on the same switch, and browse to the SXT. It likely only has a static IP of, but you’ll want to connect by Layer2 through clicking the MAC Address.

Default user/pass: admin/<blank>

Start by disabling the DHCP Server

  • IP > DHCP Server > Select defconf > Disable (Red X)

Bridge your antenna and ethernet ports

  • Bridge > Add (Blue + ) > bridge1
  • Bridge > Ports Tab > + > wlan1 > bridge1
  • Bridge > Ports Tab > + > ether1 > bridge1

Enable DHCP Client

  • IP > DHCP Client > bridge1
  • You now have enough configured to pull internet access from wireless or wired. Let’s get the updates.

Obtain Updates

  • System > Packages > Check for Updates > Channel: BugFix Only > Download and Install
    • The device will automatically reboot and update itself.
  • Once it comes back up, log in again via Winbox, and upgrade the firmware package, that was brought down with the software packages — it needs to be applied manually.
  • System > Routerboard > Upgrade > Yes
  • System > Reboot > Yes
  • If you feel confident your SXT will have a DHCP server it can connect to, feel free to disable the static IP of
    • IP > Addresses > Select defconf ( > Disable (Red X)

Name Units – Apply a Matching Label/Sticker

  • Company PTP01, Company PTP02, etc

Set Password

  • System > Password > YourSecurePassword

Repeat above steps for the other PTP link,

Then continue below

Configuring the PTP Bridge

Broadcast Side

  • Wireless > Interfaces > wlan1
  • Mode: bridge
  • Band:5GHz AC if you can, A/N if AC is not an option.
  • Channel Width: 20/40/80 if you can, 20/40 if it is not an option.
  • Wireless Protocol: NV2
    • NV2 (Tab)> Security: YourSecurePassword
  • Click Advanced Mode Button: > Country: united_states_3
    • You will not be able to transmit until you select a country.


  • Wireless > Security Profiles > Default
  • Mode: Dynamic Keys
  • Auth Types: WPA2 PSK
  • Unicast/Group Ciphers: AES CCM
  • WPA2 PSK: YourSecurePassword

Client Side

  • Wireless > Interfaces > wlan1
  • Mode: Station Bridge
  • Band: Match Broadcast Side
  • Channel Width: Match Broadcast Side
  • Frequency:Match Broadcast Side
  • SSID: Match Broadcast Side
  • Wireless Protocol:Match Broadcast Side
  • Click Advanced Mode Button: > Country: united_states_3


Once these are all set, the devices should automatically connect within 15 seconds.

For troubleshooting, use the Wireless> Interfaces > Scanner tool, see if you’re broadcasting.

Are the protocols set correctly? 802.11 protocol? NV2 protocol? NV2 security? Country Set?

You’ll know you are linked once you see the LED radio bars lit on the back of the SXT. This indicates signal strength.

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