Quickbooks Error H505 – Multi-User Hosting

Quickbooks Error H505

Oh no! My user is trying to open a Quickbooks workbook stored on a shared drive and gets this awful message: Quickbooks Error code H505, “this company file is on another computer, and QuickBooks needs some help connecting.” This is the generic client error for “cannot connect to host”. Directly tied in to the QuickboksDBXX service not running on the hosting server.


There are two parts to this fix, and possibly a third.

  1. Running the Quickbooks Component Repair Tool – Effectively fixes .NET and DLL registrations within Quickbooks. Run as Administrator.
    1. https://intuitcorp.quickbase.com/up/bhpb3kw5p/g/rbw/eg/va/QBComponentToolv3.exe
  2. Changing the QuickbooksDBXX service on the hosting server to Run As System, rather than .\QBDataServiceUser26
  3. Occasionally after the first two fixes, you still get an error, -6175,0, reinstall Quickbooks and reconfigure the service to run as System.
  4. Check the firewall on the host server, quick test is to temporarily disable Windows firewall and give it a shot. If it is the firewall, forward the ports:


The fix is actually quite simple, head over to the Quickbooks Download Page and download the matching version of your Quickbooks. If you don’t know the info, open the app on a workstation and hit F2 (screencap example)


Quickbooks Product Download Link


Run the installer on the machine hosting the Quickbooks Workbook files, Custom and Network Options > I will be storing our company file here so it can be shared over our network.

However, the Intuit coders make terrible software, and though the QuickbooksDB26 (2016) service is created, you know, the one allowing users to connect to the sQuickbooks-service-not-runningerver with multi-user access…. it doesn’t start… It is set to manual, and attempting to start it provides the worthless message: “The QuickbooksDB26 service started and then stopped”. However, it should be always running in order for users to use QBWs for the matching version. So get this, you *may* have to reboot your server for the services to register correctly, possibly during production hours if it’s urgent from management, so their terrible service can register itself in a way that it functions.

Believe it or not, Quickbooks 2014 and 2015 will actually automatically restart the server, no prompt, no option to hold off, just *poof*, off goes your server. At least 2016 doesn’t do anything (though it doesn’t even let you know its necessary).


Don’t forget to go to services.msc > Properties > Startup Type: Automatically. Awesome… At the end of the day, it either works and you are a hero, or it took too long and someone is grumpy, either way, you got the job done!

Quickbooks is trying to access the company file but the database server is not responding – 6175,0


Oh it gets better. Despite installing the Quickbooks service, rebooting the server, new error! – -6175,0. Basically means the QuickbooksDB26 service is not running, and you can’t start it either.

When trying to start the service, you’ll see: “The QuickbooksDB26 service on local computer started and then stopped”. Despite there being no helpful logs in the event viewer, the problem in my case was a logon issue.


Run (Windows+R) > Services.msc > Right-Click QuickbooksDB26 > Properties > Log On Tab >

Change “This Account” from .\QBDataServiceUser26 (Local User), to “Local System Account”.

Right-click > Start….



Wow, finally, my users can work.


3 thoughts on “Quickbooks Error H505 – Multi-User Hosting

  1. Would like to confirm the server DOES have to be restarted to get the QuickBooksDB26 Service to start. Thanks, Intuit,

    1. Thank you for your comment Spencer. You’re actually the first person I’ve had post a legitimate comment on my site.
      I figured the super obscure error post would be the most likely to pull a result on Google. Thanks for visiting, and thank you for your confirmation of Intuit’s terrible design choices ;-).

  2. Instead of rebooting the server, you can stop the DNS server service and start the quickbooks service. Then go and restart the DNS server service. Unless you leave the DNS server service off and don’t have a second DNS specified for your clients, end users should not notice anything wrong. If anything whatever website they are attempting to access may take a few seconds longer to load.

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