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Occasionally a client does not want to pay for backup software, like StorageCraft, AppAssure, Veeam, whatever gets their 50 employees back up quickly is not worth $1k to management.

In that case, the cheapest possible solution we use is built-in Windows Server Backup. God-forbid, you have to use something like Symantec Backup Exec, which is really only designed for Tape-Drives — not USB HDDs (again, think cheap).

Windows Server Backup by default, when you build your schedule will only use 1 USBHDD. There is no GUI option to add other USBHDDs to a pool of drives.


Adding USBHDDs to a Windows Server Backup Pool

You’ll set up your first USBHDD through the GUI via the scheduler tool. Pick a backup time frame and you’re done. To add new USBHDDs to the pool is a fairly simple process.

  1. Connect the new USBHDD (even if it’s already formatted or linked to another backup server).
  2. ::Local Command Prompt (Run as Administrator)
    ::Pull the Disk GUIDs
    wbadmin get disks
    :: The GUID includes a long string inside of brackets { }.
    ::Copy-Paste the Disk GUID into the following blank, replacing what is in the brackets
    WBADMIN ENABLE BACKUP -addtarget:{12345678-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}
    ::Y - Yes, Y-Yes, wait, eject the drive, and switch it out. Drive automatically adds itself into the scheduling pool.
  3. Add the drives one by one and get a USBHDD pool created and you’re done. If any of the USBHDDs is connected, the next scheduled backup will use that disk.

2 thoughts on “Windows Server Backup

  1. I would also like to recommend Veeam Endpoint. Free and great for clients still running on physical machines or those who don’t want to pay for anything else.

    1. It’s funny you mention that, my company has started test Veeam over the last two weeks. We trialed Backup and Recovery availability suite, and wound up with the conclusion “holy crap this is stupid expensive to run for 80 servers….”.

      We decided to go ahead with Veeam Endpoint (free) as a C.Y.A. measure for clients who refuse a backup system but will still hold us liable if their building burns down. Thank you for your recommendation!

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